Good news from Australia:

Global Coalition has established an Australian Chapter in Melbourne. Ethiopians in Australia have come together and formed an Australia Fundraising Committee to mobilize resources in Australia for Lake Tana cause. Here are the Committee members:

1) Dr. Surafel Melaku,
2) Yayehyirad Alemu,
3) Dr. Solomon Wasseyehun
4) Alemken Jegnie, and
5) Aderajew Teshome.

The Committee asks all Ethiopians living in Australia to join this initiative to plan a successful fundraising event in Melbourne. The Committee is closely working with our New Zealand Chapter led by Dr. Addis Tsehay.

Global Coalition will continue forming Chapters around the world so that all Ethiopians in the diaspora can coordinate for a common goal.

ጤና ለጣና 2018 አውስትራሊያ is coming soon!