First Purchase of Modern Water Hyacinth Harvester 

The Global Coalition for Lake Tana Restoration (GCLTR) bought the 1st modern water hyacinth harvester (Aquatic Weed Harvester Model H5-200, Fig 1) from AQUAMARIN Inc. Canada. The selection of the machine considered Lake Tana’s bathometry, surrounding lake landscape, Ethiopian road system, transportation facility from Djibouti, durability among other things. The machine is bought with several accessories to facilitate efficient removal of the weed. The total cost of the machine with its accessories is $67,290 USD (see invoice Fig 2). The cost of the machine is mainly covered from fundraising campaigns by Ethiopians in Atlanta and Israel. In the meantime, GCLTR and the Amhara Regional Environmental Authority are working closely with the Ethiopian Shipping Lines agent in Canada to ship the machine to Bahirdar. Ethiopians and Ethio-Americans in Atlanta and Israel have made us proud for being the first respondents to Tana call. We, at GCLTR, express our heartfelt thanks to your support.

Now all the eyes are in the upcoming fundraising event in the Washington D.C. area. We are hopeful that the Ethiopian community in D.C. area will immeasurably contribute to the “ጣና ለጤና 2018” call.


Fig 1. Purchased Aquatic Weed Harvester Model H5-200

Fig 2. Invoice for the machine purchase