The DC event was successful because a number of institutions and people worked tirelessly to make it happen. Special THANKS to our Partners and Supporters of the Tana cause:

1. Tayitu Cultural and Educational Center
2. Ishara Multimedia
3. Gojjam Global Alliance(GGA)
4. Reyot Media
5. መምህር ዶ/ር ዘበነ ለማ
6. Targeted Technology Institute
7. Abbay Media
8. EthioTube
9. Amhara Multimedia
10. Gera show ጌራ ሾው
11. Voice of America
12. Global Alliance
13. Embilta Radio
14. Abissinia Radio
15. Amhara Press
16. Gihon Media Center
17. የጎጃም ህብረት በካናዳ
18. DC Task Force
19. Ras Band
20. Artists:
መሃሙድ አህመድ
ይሁኔ በላይ
ፋሲል ደመወዝ
ሻንበል በላይነህ
ደሳለኝ መልኩ
መስፍን በቀለ
ብርሃኑ ተዘራ
መሃሪ ደገፋው
ሙኑት መስፍን
አሰፉ ደባልቄ
ክበበው ገዳ
መስከረም በቀለ
መስፍን ዘበርጋ፣
ናዝሬት አራጋው
ሄኖክ ነጋሽ
21. Program Leaders – Munit Mesfin and Nuredin Issa
22. Artist Mestawet Aragaw
23. Ethiopian Orthodox Debre-Genet Medhanialem Church in MD
24. Ethiopian Orthodox Debre-Hail Kidus Gabrael Church in DC
25. Ethiopian Orthodox Debre Selam Kidist Mariam Church in DC
26. Ethiopian Orthodox Debre Mihret Kidus Micheal Church in DC
27. First Hijirah Foundation
28. አርቲስት ብሌን ማሞ
29. ገጣሚ ዮሃንስ ሞላ
30. And MANY kind and generous Volunteers- that help sale tickets, prepare food and helping the event to go smooth … ..

ህብረታችን እንዲህ ያምራል! እውነትም “ያለ ልዩነት ለጣና ጤንነት” በተግባር የታየበት ነበር!