• To see water hyacinth eradicated from Lake Tana; the lake’s biodiversity restored and well managed.


  • Global Coalition for Lake Tana Restoration is committed to facilitating the full participation of all persons who shares our mission in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world to ensure a healthy, ecologically-sound and protected Lake Tana free from water hyacinth infestation.
  • The Organization’s programs and services will be implemented without discrimination on ethnicity, gender, age, political or religious affiliation, as well as physical or mental disabilities.

Aims and Objectives

  • To address environmental issues around Lake Tana through implementation of research-proven environmental management system around the lake and its environ
  • To strengthen institutional capacity of the Amhara Reginal State Environmental Protection Authority through trainings on effective implementation of   water hyacinth management around Lake Tana
  • To implement a set of research-proven environmental management protocols to control water hyacinth infestation around Lake Tana
  • To establish and strengthen an effective water hyacinth monitoring, evaluation surveillance system around Lake Tana
  • To establish sustainable and integrated watershed management system to restore a healthy ecosystem around Lake Tana and its environs
  • To conduct operational researches with local and  international institutions that will be used for decision making  to design  research proven environmental management tools for Lake Tana management
  • To mobilize financial resources among Ethiopians in the diaspora and international aid agencies to help address the ecosystem challenges around Lake Tana, Ethiopia.
  • To advocate and create community awareness about environmental problems associated to Lake Tana

Major Activities

Global Coalition for Lake Tana Restoration provides FOUR major supports to the on-going water hyacinth management efforts around Lake Tana. These include:

  • Capacity building: a number of trainings will be provided to improve institutional capacity of implementing agencies who are involved in environmental management activities around Lake Tana
  • Logistic support: Subjected to availability of funding, materials required for water hyacinth control such as water hyacinth harvesting machines will be purchased and delivered to project site to support water hyacinth control activities around Lake Tana
  • Supporting Monitoring and Evaluation activities – a well-designed monitoring and evaluation tool will be implemented to ensure proper implementation of planned environmental management and water hyacinth control activities
  • Research and assessment – partnering with local and international institutions, Global Coalition will conduct researches to help design effective ecosystem management and water hyacinth control system that will be used for decision-making