Water is life! Saving Tana is saving the source of the 2nd longest river in the world, Blue Nile. Saving both is saving our existence as millions of people in Ethiopia depends on this fresh water. Tana is not just a beautiful water, it is the home of several monasteries such as Tana Qirqos, Daga Island, Dek Island, and Mitraha. The lake also houses so many water habitats whom are in danger because of this water hyacinth.
Proceeds will go to Global Coalition For Lake Tana Restoration, a non profit organization founded by concerned professionals to save Lake Tana. One of the organization’s founder Dr. Solomon Kibret who is an expert on this filed will be our guest speaker to educate us about the extent of the damage by this water hyacinth or Emboch (እምቦጭ) and the need for urgency to save this lake. The funds will go towards the purchase of Aquatic Harvesting Machine and other materials needed for the first phase of their project. Please come and join us with this effort. This event will be a night with entertainment, evidence based research presentation about the urgency of saving this lake, food, short poems by talented writers, and most of all doing our civic duty of saving Lake Tana. This will be an evening that you will feel good about by doing your part while having fun. Hope to see you there!

Organizers, Ghion Development association in Atlanta.